Bill Bennett has become Mister Desperate!

Hey Bill…or as you really should be known as from now on…”Mister Desperate”!!!It is getting downright embarrassing to listen to you and your “establishment” guests on your Morning In America RINO infomercial. You really should have learned that this morning (2-23-2016) during your final hour when each caller rebuffed your attempts to knock Donald Trump out of contention as the Republican Presidential nominee!!!
Christ man! What is it going to take for you to realize that Republicans, Democrats, Independents and citizens who have never voted, are done with the “business as usual” politicians running…or I should say ruining our country in Washington D.C. All the statistical baloney that you and your “guests” drag out each time you take to the air, is just more of the great media deception of 2016!

Bill…two plus two is not five! It is four and it always has been four. I suppose I should realize that you would come up with five as you answer because you also believe that Common Core is a good program and a conservative program. But, I did do my research and discovered that you are paid for most things you do!!! How much is the RNC paying you to slam Trump for three hours each day?

Pal, if you don’t change your ways and do some real, honest pontificating, you will go the way of Glenn Beck…only much, much more quickly!
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