First POTUS in history to not attend SCJOTUS funeral!!!

Wow…I thought my anger about this would subside overnight. It has not. Once again, BO has served up one of the most highly embarrassing moments in all of U.S. history! Not ever has a sitting POTUS chosen to not attend the funeral of a sitting Supreme Court Justice of the United States. Repeat: NOT EVER in 240 years has this happened. And without providing any excuse whatsoever.

2-19-2016-Scalia Repose

Yet, this POTUS can complement the Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist group on “outstanding work”. WTF is the matter with this man? These people have done everything they can to drive the wedge of racism ever deeper into the fabric of America. BO is not protecting the citizens of the United States and continues dishonor each and every one of us.

2-19-2016-BO Thanks BlackLives

Now, I am very proud to be an American, but not for the last 7.2 years of the this Presidency. I know my country is EXCEPTIONAL and most of it’s citizens are as well. BO is not exceptional! He lives well below the level of all honorable men and women of any color.

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1 Response to First POTUS in history to not attend SCJOTUS funeral!!!

  1. Shelley Hansen says:

    And he doesn’t care.

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