Shepard Chicken Shit Smith!

Just read where Anonymous says they have destroyed thousands of ISIS internet accounts. Wow…I hope that’s true! Now I hope they go raise hell with that chicken head Shepard Smith on FOX News…what a little wimpy runt…he’s a crap-head that spouts off only because he’s got a national audience…or thinks he does. As a matter of fact, HE is the barbarian AH who forgets that his industry brother Steven Sotloff was beheaded in September 2014. What if it had been you Shep? Think about that you little punk! But it won’t ever be you…they never would send a soft little girly-man like you to anywhere but to the plush and safe FOX TV studio. I hope with all my heart Sheppy that when they bring those Syrian “refuges” to the US, they put them right next door to you so that you can smell their hatred everyday for the rest of your Chicken-Liveried life! You are a phony! Go put in your military service like many of us have done…go do your duty for your country…or go live in Syria with the people you seem to adore!

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