Out On the Street, The Dead On Street – Letter To Simon Maloy

Simon Maloy:

Your article (in Salon magazine)…ahhh…better described as an editorial hit piece, is a joke. I have no clue what you watched yesterday, but it sure wasn’t the same hearings I viewed. Where do you come up with the crud you write? The Clinton campaign, the DNC? How much do they pay out to burp up the same asinine left wing radical rhetorical talking points ever day? I doubt seriously you have the talent to sit on the can and create this stuff yourself? All you Loony Liberal fiction writers seem to do is cough up the same poop each day.

Do some real research sometime before publishing your BS. Find out about these people, who they were in the past, who they are today, what they did and why they did it and what the did not do it. Apparently you have no real investigative or creative aptitude, otherwise you would not be churning for such a low brow publisher.
The fact that Clinton continues to cling to the phony video trailer story is absolutely absurd. If you think it’s not, let me know, I have a bunch of $3 bills and a bridge I will sell you. Why don’t you ask Joe Woods, father of slain Navy Seal Tyrone Woods about what Clinton said to him? You probably won’t because seeking the truth is not what you are are capable of doing. Spewing out the PC words fed to you by the Clinton campaign and the DNC, is what you are all about and probably how you earn your rent money. You might want to listen to the House Rent Boogie by John Lee Hooker… that’s where you should be… on the street, the dead-on street!
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