Republicans and Tea Partyers Are Real Idiots

And here is why. First after the second debate, poorly performing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, flamed out with less than one percent popularity among Republican presidential contenders. Then the fool is said to have stated he wants all other poor performers to drop out too and ban together to defeat Donald Trump! No wonder his popularity went south…good riddance suckah…your just another poor quality politician!

Now the second reason Repubs are rubbish is a little more local to Kaleephorneeah. In the last few days, the RINO’s at the convention in Anaheim, decided that they really wanted to go after the Hispanic vote. And how did they do that? Very simply by trashing the hard Republican stand on Illegal Immigration! Here is how it went: “Moments before the vote there were delegates who were informally announcing on the floor that they had received texts from “The Tea Party” and they were announcing that “The Tea Party” said to vote YES to the new CA GOP Immigration Platform…”.

Holy Crap Batman!!! The NEW Immigration Platform for the CA GOP employs “softer” language.  THERE ARE STATEMENTS SUCH AS, “Like all Americans, Republicans hold diverse views on this issue. “The word “undocumented” is used throughout the new platform, as well as the term to describe illegals as “living in the shadows.”

The way I see it, the CA. GOP group has successfully shot themselves in the food…at least with Trump and that may very well turn out to be a very, very bad move! If Trump wins in 2016, what do you think he’s gonna want to do with those poop-heads here in Kaleephorneeah? Bet it’s something along the lines of “Your Fired”!!!

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