Iran Treaty is a Joke!

Today the headlines are screaming that BO has secured the needed Senate votes that will insure passage of his Iran deal…I refuse to call it a treaty because it is not! This is interesting since according to a CNN poll “Overall, 52% (of Americans polled) say Congress should reject the deal while only 44% say it should be approved.” This is just one more example of Washington political public servants voting with their asses and not representing their constituents. Has our democracy run aground? You bet it has. The biggest problem facing the American people now, is how much more damage to our system of government will occur before a new POTUS will be sworn in and hopefully start to reverse the carnage of the last two presidential terms. I sure hope we can make it that far.

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2 Responses to Iran Treaty is a Joke!

  1. shelleyhansen2003 says:

    Every damn one of the people that voted yes to the deal should be thrown out of office on the basis of complete ignorance of history and the will of the people. This whole issue with Iran really upsets me. 

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  2. …I’m not so sure they ALL should be thrown out…seems to me that the ones who voted against it might have not really tried hard enough to get they’re colleagues to vote against it. Let’s totally clean house!

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