It’s All About The Moolah!!!

OK…it’s back to the Klinktons! A must read NEWS article in today’s WSJ (Pg. A1, Feb. 20, 2015): CLINTON’S CORPORATE TIES, should be required reading for all U.S. citizens. Just about everyone has heard Meghan Trainor’s hit It’s All About The Bass. For Bill and Hill, their tune should be It’s All About The Moolah! The Klinkton’s are collecting billions for the entities that they control and will fund her run for POTUS.

You also might be surprised at who is paying Hill for her attentions…then again, maybe you wouldn’t. Just some of them that are in the millions of $’s are G.E. (no surprise there), Boeing, Microsoft, Exxon Mobil and our old friend Chevron! And of course each one of these companies trying to influence Hillary the “Princess of Benghazi”, when questioned, give the same B.S. response which is basically that their corporate donations have nothing to do with lobbying Mrs. Clinton ha…ha…ha…what a load of crap!

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