NHRA Winternationals, Again A Great Show!

The rain poured down here in NorCal most of the day, but it was dry in front of my TV. And as usual the Winter Nat’s put on a great show. I just love how the Drag Racing top association runs their “Big Game” event at the opening of the season. Some will hate me for say this, it was nice that we had to endure only one round of John Force’s monologue as he flubbed his flopper early.

Congrats go to Matt Hagen and his crew for a real comeback in Funnycar…what a job! And a special tip of the hat goes to rookie Pro Stock driver Drew Skillman who tree’d the champ Erica Enders-Stevens on his way to a RU finish…job well done man! Word to the wise…watch out for this guy…looks like he can drive that Camaro!

I can’t sign off without a big nod to Alan Johnson who’s wallet was picked clean just a few weeks ago when Al-Anabi Racing pulled all funding for 2015. But Alan and crew with the help of Santa Rosa’s Guy Fieri and his Knuckle Sandwich company, pulled it together and showed up with one-car Wally winning effort. That effort included the fastest (1,000-ft.) top fuel pass ever…3.700 seconds! And who cares about the NHRA record…they’re in first place and and headed to Arizona…maybe they can pick up a title sponsor on the way.

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