RNC Still F’d Up!

I had the indistinct displeasure to hear the chairman of the RNC interviewed on a national radio program this morning. Republicans, with this kind of leadership, if you can call it that, Hillary will be elected while confusion reigns supreme on the other side.

Reince Priebus is the worst representative of the supposed conservative party I’ve ever heard. This guy has no idea what real conservatism is…not one clue. And he won’t even give a straight answer to simple questions. And believe me, the questions were pretty simple too. I don’t blame Mitt one bit for his decision not to run. Give it up Repubs, your best chance is gone, you’ve already lost!

Since the Tea Party is like a snake with no head and squirming around in all directions, maybe it is time for a new political party, one that really is of the people and truly conservative. But I doubt that will happen in my lifetime.

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