Obama…what an embarrassment to the USA!

It’s Monday and a damned good day to be pissed off at Obama…and I am! This guy is the worst POTUS that has ever existed! What a slap in the face to France and the rest of Europe not to send a high-ranking administration representative to honor the French in solidarity for their grief. France is one of our oldest allies. Doesn’t this man know anything? It just proves that he knows nothing about honor, loyalty, patriotism or leadership. Did he ever learn anything about Normandy Beach? Where was he in school…asleep? The sooner this man is gone on to wherever terrible presidents go…the better! I hope the US does not have to ask for help from any of our allies anytime soon…bet it won’t be forthcoming!

It is really difficult for me as a patriotic veteran to honor BO in any way these days. Thank you so very much Liberals…you succeeded in putting the worst POTUS EVER in charge for the last six years and we have two to go. Unless of course our spineless congress can impeach him…which is not likely in my lifetime! Never been so embarrassed in my whole life!!!

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