To All Motorsports Photographers

To ALL MOTOR SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHERS: Please, please know what is going on at the event you are shooting. Know who is in first place…who is in second place and so on. Know who is doing well in the event…know what race it is. Even if some racers are new, not well known or don’t have a fancy appearing car. Try to shoot EVERY CAR. I know it’s difficult, but if you try to do that, you’ll be sought after and praised and the possibility of making some real good money for your work will be much, much greater.

When you tell some racer “I can’t shoot every car”…it is pure bull shit and everyone knows it. Your attempt to side step the fact that you just didn’t do your job, might have worked 40 years ago when there were just 12, 24 or 36 exposures on a “roll” of film. But Mr. Photog, digital photography and video has blunted that excuse and every racer knows it. For some racers, it may be the last time they race for whatever the reasons might be.

If you can’t get an action shot, try to get a shot of that car after the race or in the pits during a lull in the action. And please don’t spend all your time shooting the “prettiest” car there with 20 or 30 shots of what you think is the best looking car at the event. That does not make for good “coverage” of any event. Remember, all those shots of the same car is for just that one person. Two or three good shots will accomplish that task quite well.

Last, when you miss shooting a car at an event and later the racer asks you why, please don’t give them that phony “BS” answer, just apologize and tell them you just plain missed it…their feelings are already hurt, don’t make them feel worse by insulting their intelligence.

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  1. Shelley Hansen says:

    So true. Everyone counts out there. Well our boy got his ass handed to him, but he’s trying. The transmission (one area they didn’t address) is a piece of crap now. Talk about life lessons….lol. Between you and me I don’t think Nick (v3) or his dad (v2) really anticipated how much work this change of class was going to be or how much money it was going to take. So now we all have the winter to get the mod into shape for next season. Nick is beating himself up real bad over the bad run. Part of my job is bringing the positive back for him. He was running with the big boys, finished the race and all mechanical things considered, did well. Thoughts?

    Thank you so much for coming out to the race. Antioch is an interesting track. People watching is one of our favorites there. Wow… much body ink and tight clothes. Next season we would like to have your schedule so we can watch your team too.

    Apparently the photographer at the track approached V3 about my logo and wants to put pics in the race magazine. Now that’s funny and a positive note for V3. Unintended publicity for the kid. Lol.

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