Are we being “Decent”?

I ran on to this quote from Judge Leonard White (played by Morgan Freeman) in the 1990 movie Bonfire of Vanities:
“Let me tell you what justice is. Justice is the law, and the law is man’s feeble attempt to set down the principles of decency. Decency! And decency is not a deal. It isn’t an angle, or a contract, or a hustle! Decency… decency is what your grandmother taught you. It’s in your bones! Now you go home. Go home and be decent people. Be decent.” This couldn’t be more appropriate right now in the U.S.A.

And now the obvious question: Is ISIS being “decent”? Are the protesters in Ferguson being “decent”? The easy answer to both questions is hell no! Does ISIS deserve free world justice? Again the answer is hell no! But will the U.S. go after these murders? And once again the answer is again hell no! Or in this case it might also be “We’re considering it…playing through!”

C’mon America, pull you heads out of your beer bottles, go home from the soccer games and put that duby out now and pay attention to what is happening in our country!

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