If Clinton is elected the real “Suffrage” will begin

Just read an opinion by a Pro-Hillary Clinton woman: 

Women will make the difference in the next general election in 2016 and their choice will be Hillary Clinton.  We women don’t have to be told by men anymore what kind of clothes we can wear or whether we can go naked instead.  We don’t have to bear babies we don’t want and we can show our bodies to anyone we please to.  We won’t be tied down by a bunch of old men in black robes preaching to us.  Got that!”

If what she says are truly the reasons that women will vote to make Hillary the first female POTUS, maybe she should go back to pre-1920 and “suffer” some more! I am pretty sure the writer won’t take time to do this, but please research Hillary Clinton…and unless you are still blinded by the light from the “Hill”, you’ll discover that she is one of the last PEOPLE who is fit to be President of the United States…the last person fit is of course the current guy! My proof: Just look at the mess we are in and mostly because voters marked their ballots with a “colored” pencil rather than a smart pen. Do you really, really think HC has the capacity to change things for the better…either domestically or internationally? I’m almost afraid to hear what your answer might be.

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2 Responses to If Clinton is elected the real “Suffrage” will begin

  1. shelleyhansen2003@yahoo.com says:

    What this country needs is a leader that will uphold the Constitution of the country. Voting for ANYONE because of their hair style, gender, race or the car they drive is a reason to loose your voting rights. I have my opinions about HC, certainly, but to vote for her BECAUSE she is a woman or “this country is ready for a woman president” is one of the most foolish and idiotic reasons. And besides that, lady, I suggest you build your own self esteem up and realize that as women, we haven’t been beholden to men since the 50’s. Buy a clue.

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