TAXES…Higher and Higher!!!

OK…I’ve held my water on this subject…but no more! Yesterday, the Canadian government approved an oil pipeline (the Northern Gateway project) to go from their oil sands field to the British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. Can you say bye, bye to Keystone XL…BO got his wish! And now two Senators, one Dumb Democrat and one Retarded Republican, are trying to advance a bipartisan bill that would increase the federal gasoline and diesel fuel tax by 12¢ per gallon. For those that can’t do the math…that’s more than a 65% increase for gasoline and a 49.1% increase for a gallon of diesel!!! Don’t write protest to your congresspersons…they’re blind and deaf! Write protest letters to any and all public forums in areas where they live! Let everyone know what BS this is! The fact is that the Federal Highway Trust Fund is broke just like Social Security is…and the reason is that these dumb-heads can’t manage it! Their way to fix everything is raise the taxes!

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  1. Shelley Hansen says:

    Yes but now B.O.B. Isn’t the bad guy-the Canadians are. Inaction works for him. So sad.

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