The banks of Crap Creek are overflowing!

The Banks of Crap Creek are rising again as it runs from Maryland right through DC!!!Just read where Rep. Elijah Cummings (D. Maryland) said that he thinks it’s “…a Republican “witch hunt,” which he believes (Benghazi hearings) are intended to tarnish the reputation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.” Further he said it will be his job “…TO DEFEND THE TRUTH”! Brother! Cummings wouldn’t know the truth if his limo had a head-on collision with it! Press on Republicans because it always did “make a difference” then and now! I’m also greatly concerned about our embassy in Baghdad…will it be protected or not…and who’s in charge. The $750 million facility employees 15,000 people! There are 5,500 Americans currently living and working in Baghdad. By the way…has anyone seen Kerry in the last week or so?

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