To all you whiny Liberals

This is to all of the whiny Liberals out there who waste my time reading your impalpable BS about the greedy Republicans…which reminds me of a small child who stomps his feet because he didn’t get the purple Popsicle!

Libs…please take note…Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad owns all of the rail lines in the U.S. connecting to western Canada on which they haul 80%+ of the crude oil from Canada to the Midwest and Texas. They also charge other Short Line railroads a fee to use their tracks. BNSF charges $30 per barrel to haul the oil! The Keystone Pipeline would cost $10 by the U.S. State Department’s estimates. BNSF is owned by Berkshire Hathaway whose chairman is Warren Buffet. In the last two election cycles, Buffet gave extensively to Democrat causes and candidates including $40,000+ to the Obama re-election campaign in 2012. He also bundled and hosted numerous fundraisers for Obama.

And if anyone believes the pipeline isn’t being blocked by BO on Buffet’s behalf…you’re nuts. Buffet could stand to lose $2B+ a year if the pipeline goes in and he pockets the same amount every year the pipeline is delayed. This is crony capitalism at it’s finest and what is making true conservatives angry at this government and the capitalist system…but it’s NOT the Republicans who are doing it…it’s THE DEMOCRATS!!!

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